What’s the KlimaForum09?



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    The KlimaForum09 is a political platform that wishes to go more green.  It is basically a debate  in which KlimaForum09 fights for the “go green” side.  They have several goals and aims in the debate, such as: effectively save energy, promoting clean, safe, resuable energy and find sustainable way to do such.


    Tony Anderson has a 2 part interview on the KlimaForum09, which I suggest you check it out at http://permaculture.tv/tony-andersen-what-is-klimaforum09-or-climateforum09/.

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    The Klimaforum09 the alternative climate summit. The idea originated in Brazil and rather than be a platform for political decision making like the official Copenhagen climate conference, Klimaforum09 is the global civil society counterpart in which people from all over the world can gather to discuss how to create a sustainable and socially just world (eurotope.ning.com). View the short video presentation by organizer Tony Andersen on what the Klimaforum09 is posted below to learn more.

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