whats a good title for a newspaper article about climate change?



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    You came to the right place! I teach writing. It would depend on what you’re trying to convey in the article. If it’s persuasive, try to get that across in the title without being so biased that no one would want to read your piece. For instance, “Climate change can be reduced through everyday actions.” Of course, that one is a little bland. Try alliteration–Climate Craze, Global Graces, Waylaid Warming–things of that nature. Also, remember that your title needs to serve as a hook–interesting enough that it draws your reader in and makes him or her want to read the piece. This can often be accomplished with an attribution that makes the reader say, “really?” Such as “Study confirms global warming is biggest problem in US,” “Obama: Climate Change a significant issue,” etc.

    Hope that helps!

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