Whats a good easy way that i can “go green”?



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    Fortunately, there are tons of new and creative ways in which you can easily alter your daily habits to help recycle, reuse, or save resources. A personal favorite of mine which I have recently done is to get a water filter and a reusable bottle. Instead of going through dozens of those plastic bottled waters, you can easily filter your own tap water. It’s amazing how many plastic bottles you can avoid wasting.

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    You can also walk, bike, or use public transportation rather than use your car. The next best thing to go green is to be aware as a consumer. When buying produce look for organic and local fruits and veggies. The same should apply for other food products. Steer clear of highly processed foods and the more natural ingredients the better. Start a recycling program and eventually a compost bin. Hope this helps and good luck!

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    Invest in a sturdy set of re-usable grocery bags.  You will never have to answer “paper or plastic?” again and many stores offer a few cents off per bag you use (many grocery stores and Target).  Doing this will not only help save a lot of waste, but it will also save you money.

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