What’s a good brand of organic drinks?




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    I highly recommend drinking kombucha! It’s an organic tea based beverage that is consumed for health benefits. They use kombucha for many medicial purposes. This drink is available everywhere and can be made at home too. Kombucha is made from fermenting tea using visible, solid mass of yeast and bacteria which makes up the kombucha culture. Hope this helps!

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    My favorite organic beverage is Kombucha, known in other parts of the world as Manchurian Tea, Manchu Fungus, Tea Kvass, Mo-Gu Fungus japonicus, and Kwassan. Kombucha is both organic and raw, but has a very distinct taste that may not appeal to everyone! After all, Kombucha is a fermented mass of yeast and bacteria which forms a culture! Kombucha is supposedly based in ancient China and Japan. Kombucha can sometimes contain small amounts of alcohol, because it is fermented. Kombucha is also good for detoxification purposes and health in general. Kombucha also contains an acid that is being explored as a cancer preventative! Check out GT’s Synergy brand, my personal favorite Kombucha brew which comes in a variety of flavors, my personal favorite is pomegranate. 

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