whats the fish that is microscopic at birth and then is attracted to urine and will follow the urine stream up to your crotch and grow inside you? this is all assuming you urinate in a river with this fish species already inhabitiating it?



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    The fish you are thinking of is the candirú.  However, despite the rumors, the fish is not actually attracted to urine, and there have been very few documented cases of the fish actually entering into a person’s urethra while urinating, and the fish did not swim through the urine stream.  The person whom this happened to was urinating in a river, standing about thigh-deep in the water.  The candirú jumped out of the river and landed in this person’s urethra – which was possible only because his urethra was expanded, because he was urinating.  

    This is the only documented case of this actually happening, and it occurred along the Amazon.   

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    That would be the, as the locals call it, the candiru, or the toothpick fish. They are a catfish that lives in the Amazon. It normally feeds on the blood of other fish, and it finds those fish by the urea and ammonia it emits. With other fish it will feed on their blood and leave, but if it happens to mistake a human’s urine for a potential prey, it can go up to them, enter an orifice, and wriggle in the body until it finds blood. However, it can’t get back out so it is then stuck in their body. When wriggling to get inside, you can’t pull them out because there are backward pointing barbs that would tear the skin if the fish is pulled back. It is rare for this to happen. There have been reports of this happening in the Amazonian villages but only one documented case.

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