What’s an eco-friendly way of getting rid of my dog’s fleas?



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    There are some natural oils that can repel fleas and break the breeding cycle. Check out this link for in depth information on natural ways to get rid of fleas:


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    There are a couple ways you can go about this and a combination of these might be helpful for you and your pets. You can use a Flea comb to target the fleas directly on the dog’s skin,and you can draw a bath for your dog, using simply water, or some organic/biodegradable soap to help kill the fleas.

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    Besides the natural products you can purchase at a place like herbalremedies.com, the stretcher.com site gives multiple methods of natural flea removal and repellent. One includes rosemary/pepermint and warm water, another involves chamomile, valerian, licorice, witch hazel. Both involve dipping your pet in this particular solution. Good luck!

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    Here are several environmentally friendly flea control methods that you can try: boric-acid based products (sprinkle on carpet), eucalyptus leaves (fleas can’t stand the smell), nematodes in the yard (eat outdoor flea larvae, reducing flea populations by 90% over 24 hours), mixing garlic and yeast in with pet food (fleas don’t like the way it makes your pet taste but beware, raw garlic is toxic for cats), and giving your dog a bath (fleas drown) then sanitizing the areas in the house that your dog frequents.

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