whats a eco friendly stuffer for cloth dolls



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    Two options are organic cotton and biodegradable wood wool. 

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    I’d suggest old clothes, or really any cloth scraps. They should be soft, and there is definitely enough of it. New eco-friendly products are better than new and conventional, but reusing what we already have is the best.

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    Definitely try to go with something you already have. If you have an older stuffed animal that is falling apart, or some old pillows that you no longer use, those materials would be good options. I imagine that softer clothing, like sweatshirts or pajama pants would work well, too!

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    Anything that you can recycle, is soft and non-toxic would be best.  You can even use the materials from other stuffed animals or dolls that have worn out and can no longer be mended. 

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    Like tutt47 said, reusing existing materials is the best option, but if you don’t already have cloth scraps lying around, there are other alternatives. You could buy organic cotton balls. Nearsea Naturals has organic cotton batting and other organic sewing materials for dolls, stuffed animals, and quilts that you can buy online. You could even buy old clothes or stuffed animals at Goodwill and use the scraps or stuffing for your doll. 

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