What’s the difference between elk and moose?



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    Moose are a cousin of the elk, both being part of the deer family. However, while moose tend to live in boreal forests of the northern hemisphere, elk live on the tundra and grasslands of the northern regions, grazing and undergoing large migrations, while moose tend to stay in wooded areas.

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    Elk and moose are different in size, color, antler shape and habits. A mature bull of the smallest of four sub-species of moose weighs about 1,200 pounds, and about twice as much as the average bull elk. Moose are dark brown, almost black, and elk are light brown, almost golden, with a pale yellow rump. A moose has a very large, long nose and a “bell” under the throat, and elk have narrow snouts. A mature bull moose also has broad, flat antlers, unlike the pointed antlers of an elk. Moose act differently around humans than elk; a moose will not usually flee at the sight of humans like elk do.

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