whats the diffenece between turtles and frogs



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    Turtles are reptiles that have a very hard shell which covers and protects the rest of their body including internal organs.  They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be as smal as 6 inches or as large as 8 feet!  Depending on the environment, their shells are shaped differently in order to help them best adapt and survive.  It is said that turtles have been around since the Triassic Period which was almost 200 million years ago!  There are more than 250 different species or kinds of turtles, most of whom live in tropical environments.

    Frogs are amphibians which are cold-blooded vertebrate animals.  They are different than reptiles because they do not have scales.  Instead frogs have smooth or slimy skin with webbed feet and two bulging eyes.  Frogs can be as small as one centimeter or as large as two and half feet long (legs fully extended). There are more than 3,500 kinds of Anura (the group that classifies frogs and toads) but only 80 of these species live in the United States.  Frogs have been around since the Jurassic period, almost 190 million years (almost as long as turtles).  

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    First off, turtles are classified as reptiles whereas, frogs are classified as amphibians. Reptiles usually have an outer skin consisting of scales, shields, or plates whereas, amphibians have glandular skins that are moist. In addition, reptiles have claws whereas, amphibians do not have claws. In addition, reptiles lay eggs that have thick and tough shells. On the contrary, amphibians lay eggs in water because their eggs lack a hard outer shell that can protect from moisture loss. Generally speaking reptiles are miniarture versions of their adult selves, whereas amphibians go through many different changes before transforming into their adult form. 

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