What’s the deal with the ivory-billed woodpecker? Is it extinct, and why should I care?



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    The bird was considered extinct until possible sightings occured in 1999. Now it is considered a critically endangered species, although some associations still consider is to be probably extinct. There are several organizations offering substantial rewards for a conclusive sighting, which is one reason you might care.

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    The ivory-billed woodpecker is a very unique bird and caring about this species might help it get off the endangered species list. This particular woodpecker has only an ivory keratin sheath over its bill and that is where its name comes. The ivory-billed woodpecker is also recognized for its boisterous vocal chords. Ornithologists describe its call as “kent, kent, kent” when this noise is combined with its loud wings in flight and double rapping on wood, this bird can be very loud causing people who have witnessed its splendor to shout “Lord God, what a bird!” This exclamation accounts for the bird being known as the “Lord God Bird.”

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