What’s up with Brazilian clothing manufacturer Tristar’s idea for frozen jeans?



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    These jeans are green in many ways. They are made of all-organic cotton, from a Brazilian plantation that uses no pesticides and doesn’t water their crops. And they seek to decrease the number of times you have to use the washing machine on them (which uses a lot of water and energy) it two ways. The first is that they’re completely reversible: turn them inside out, and you’ve got a whole new pair of jeans. This also decreases the amount of clothes you have to buy.

    But perhaps their most revolutionary idea is an incredibly simple one: instead of washing them (unless they are heavily stained or very dirty), you just throw them in the freezer. After 24 hours in a freezer, any bacteria on the jeans are dead, so there’s no reason they can’t be worn again. I’m thinking you might want to put them in the oven or out in the sun for a few minutes after that, before putting them on.

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