Whats better? Peeing in the shower, while showering or peeing in the toilet and flushing before showering?



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    If you are trying to use as little water as possible, then if you pee in the shower you are saving one flush of the toilet and you are saving water. So that is the most water efficient situation.

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    Saving a flush saves anywhere between one and seven gallons of water, and urine is sterile!  A recent ad campaign in Brazil even encouraged the general population to pee in the shower to save water.  The only “don’ts” of this water-saving practice concern, primarily, etiquette: don’t do it in anyone’s shower but your own, don’t ever do it in a public shower, and don’t do it in a shower that involves porous materials, such as wood.  (Think outdoor showers, or showers with a wooden grate to stand on.)  It’s fine as long as the pee is being swept away, but if it gets trapped in a porous material, it may begin to smell after a while.  Furthermore, do not engage in this practice if you have any illness or disease that may be transmitted via your urine.

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    As a bonus, urinating in the shower may help sterilize your shower due to the presence of ammonia in urine.  It also saves much more water than flushing a toilet (unless you are using a waterless or extremely low flow toilet) because you are already using that water.

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    “If it’s brown, flush it down. If it’s yellow, let it mellow”

    that’s the “golden” rule…


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