What’s the best way to dispose/recycle clothes that are ripped/unrepairable, and can’t be donated ?

Also, i’m not very crafty. Turning them into a project isn’t a very realistic option for me.



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    Goodwill stores will accept clothing that are ripped and unusable.  You should check with the local Goodwill first, but many accept the clothing and will donate them elsewhere for padding fillers for such things as cars in third world countries. 

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    Sew you’re ripped clothes, if you’re clever. Few pieces of clothing are unreparable. If you can’t donate or repare an item for whatever reason, then try scrapping it. Do you like arts and crafts? Perhaps one of your roomates likes to make clothing. Maybe you can cut it into square an make a quilt, cut it into larger squares and make couch pillows, or cut it into little squares and make patches. There are lots of uses for cloth.

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