What’s the best type of media to promote fast food?



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    I suppose the type of media used in marketing fast food depends on the population one is trying to target. Fast food marketing has often focused on the younger population, spending nearly $300 million on such advertising in 2006. About 2/3 of the fast food marketing budget was spent on TV and radio commercials. And in 2007, it was estimated that fast food advertising was 22% of the food-related commercials viewed by 6-11 year olds and 28% for older youths. These percentages are higher than those of other type of food commercials. Now with the advent of technology, fast food companies are investing in more internet-based marketing techniques, using social media networks and the like to appeal to younger audiences. I’ve attached a link to the handout with all of the above information. It has plenty more statistics, if you are interested.

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