Whats the best thing a teenager can do to be green?



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    The biggest way teens can be green is to green their school. They can start a sustainability club on campus, petition the school to use only recycled paper, have a green fair on campus, have a used book fair, petition the school to use fair trade and organic uniforms, etc. It really is limitless the way teens can be green. I’ve provided a link to the teens turning green website, which has all kinds of resources and ideas for teens. There is even an online toolkit to help get you started! Remember though, that if you want to green your school, you should green your home as well. Make sure you try your hand at recycling, detoxing your home, and having a smaller carbon footprint in your personal life. Good Luck!

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    Well, as a teenager, you are starting to think about your future and career, and there are plenty of green jobs to become a part of.  It is a time you can join clubs and start groups to promote environmentalism.  Lead by example and show others the changes they can make in their lives.  And then, follow what you want to do and continue on as you go through school.

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