What’s with all the hullabaloo over the great white shark in Massachusetts?



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    Thank you for using the word hullabaloo! What a wonderful word.

    I suspect you can thank the Jaws movie for the Cape Cod (SHARK!!!) scare. I mean, it would really ruin a trip to the beach to get all ate up by a shark, and that’s what people think when they know there are some in the shoreline waters. http://www.nationalparkstraveler.com/2009/09/great-white-sharks-being-monitored-along-cape-cod-national-seashore4558

    There’s also the fact that Woods Hole is on Cape Cod, and that is kind of like the reason you see so many police chases on the news in LA. It’s not that LA has more of them… just that they have more copters to monitor them. Woods Hole and Massachusetts Marine Fisheries are like TV news copters in LA, monitoring and reporting to the world. http://www.whitesharktrust.org/pages/gwswoodsholesep2004.html

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