whatis reasonable time for lady to take shower



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    With or without a “friend”? Ok, ok.

    Some other peculiar answers come back from a Google search, but researcher jackburton of Google Answers seems to have done his homework. He gives several references.

    The answers he comes up with vary between 3-10 minutes, with the Kohler bathroom fixture company observing (in a dead link) that men take 3-5 minutes and women take 5-7 minutes.

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    When I was working at Girl Scout Camp, we limited the showers to five minutes per girl, or three minutes if we had a broken shower, which we often did. For us, it was more of a time constraint than an environmental concern because this camp was in Texas and Texans are not as environmentally concious as people in California where I’m from. Anyway, we had to get about 30 showered before bed using three or four showers. That was a task!

    If you can get by on three minute showers, go for it!

    One thing you could try is skipping the shampoo. I find that I can get by with just rinsing my hair most of the time and using a hog’s hair bristle brush to distribute the oils away from my scalp and down to the ends of the hair. With my natural oils conditioning my hair, I don’t need conditioner, either. That saves time and water. Here are some links on how other people go without shampoo.

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    I am uncertain of whether you are asking how often to shower, what time of day or how long each shower should take. Considering you use the word lady, implying there might be something unlady like about the alternative of showering and others have answered for the length of the shower, I will look at this from the point of how often.

    I do not know the definition of “lady”, but I am assuming it means you don’t stink. So, the answer to this question is kind of personal and based on a number of things. I shower often because I exercise and sweat. If you don’t or you do not sweat very much, you can hold off for days, if not a week without showering.

    Do remember that you get used to your own smell (it takes a few days) so even if you don’t think you stink, you might be very odorous.

    Also, generally speaking, there is no reason as to why your shower is more than 5 minutes. Turn off the water while you are shampooing and washing your body. That will mean water can run for 2 minutes total. Woot

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