Whatever happened to the Biochar Initiative? It seemed like such a fantastic way to use carbon!

Any progress on applying it on a massive scale?



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    Yes, many people still see the effectiveness of storing carbon in the Earth’s soil. Since 2004, the African Christians Organization Network has been working on reducing deforestation and improving soils for local farmers in Kenya. It’s still being created, however I haven’t heard much about it in the US.

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      In March 2009 CNN.com had an article about University of Georgia engineer Brian Bibens. He was working on a “machine” that turned biomass into biochar. To quote: “Biochar is considered by many scientists to be the “black gold” for agriculture.”.
      I wanted to know if this research had developed any mass-biochar-production results.

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      It looks like he’s still working on developing that technology. I looked up Brian Bibens, and found his homepage on the University of Georgia website. His webpage that discusses his biochar production research is still under construction. It seems to me that he’s still working on it. He’s also currently getting his master’s degree, so I’m sure he’s working at it pretty hard.

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