What zoo has the most animals?



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    The Berlin Zoo has the most animal species.  In January 2007 Berlin had 1439 different species of animals!

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    In the United States, the San Diego Zoo takes the title with around 4500 animals. That includes over 900 species if animals. It is also home to around 6,500 species of plants. Founded in 1916, it has an area of around 1,800 acres. 

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    The San Diego Zoo in southern California is has the most species of any zoo in the United States. Overall, the zoo is home to about 4500 animals, of 900 different species in all. Despite having the most animals, they are not the largest zoo land-wise at a little over 100 acres total. For comparison, this makes it less than half the size of the Bronx Zoo, which is located in a metropolitan area of New York City.

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