What is Zip Car?



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    Zipcar is a membership based car-sharing service. The company was formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2000 with the intention of reducing dependence on personal vehicles. Each Zipcar takes 15-20 privately owned vehicles off the road, and each Zipcar member saves the equivalent of 219 gallons of gas.

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    Zipcar is a car sharing company that revolutionized the car rental service. Instead of visiting a service like enterprise or Avis to rent a car for a period of days for a lot of money, a car can be rested for a period of hours for very little money. Zipcars are placed throughout cities and towns in designated parking areas, when one is rented, it is returned to that parking space at the end of the reservation. You pay an application fee, and annual fee for membership, and then you rent a car for $7-12 an hour for a maximum of one day. It’s really good for people in cities who don’t want the hassle of owning a car in a city but need one from time to time. This can help cut down on emissions caused by cars in cities, expecially when you take into account the large amount of hybrid cars available for rent.

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