What is a zebra donkey hybrid called?



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    It appears that the most common name used for this adorable mix (see picture below!) is a zedonk. Most articles celebrating the birth this past July of a zebra-donkey hybrid in Georgia call it as such. However, there are other interchangeable names, including a zebrass, zebronkey, zonkey, zebadonk, and zenkey.




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    It seems that the common name bestowed upon this rare hybrid animal is zedonk. In July of this year a female baby zedonk was born in Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Georgia. It seems that the zebras and donkeys have been getting along for years, but it was a surprise to the staff when they realized the two different breeds had mated, resulting in the hybrid offspring. The father was a zebra and the mother a donkey, and the baby has clear characteristics of both on her body. The zedonk is infertile, but she acts more like her father, the more wild creature of the two.

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