What is your take on people who use green language to cloak agendas such as anti-corporatism and anti-globalization?



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    I personally believe that using terms like anti-globalization are actually hurting the green movement and causes. Globalization in itself is not a bad thing, it merely means that all nations are interconnected with one another. This is what we should be doing, working as a globe to help save the Earth and its resources. It seems globalization has become term used to describe an expanding capitalist market that exploits resources and the environment, which is what really needs to be addressed.

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    I think thid does happen in some instances and is unfortunate.  Trying to be green does not require one to be anti-corporate.  Some activities that one sees businesses engage in certainly do not seem eco-friendly but I think corporations can also act in an eco-freindly manner depending on what products they are dealing with and how things are done.  For instance, utilizing material that is biodegradeable and which does not release harmful toxins in the environment seems like a wise policy.

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    From my understanding, the concern that liberal environmental activists have about corporate globalization is that it is based on free-market capitalism. Free market capitalism requires a constant accumulation of material resources and political power to grow, and growth is the key that unlocks a “healthy” capitalism.  When this growth encompasses the entire planet, resource extraction is large scale, the distribution of goods and service is on a global scale, and the inequities between the rich and the poor is also on a global scale.  My theoretical understanding is that business itself, as in an exchange of goods and services, is not a problem; instead, its how the exchange has manifested into a global system that requires accumulation to survive. 

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