What is your take on this? Is a dog just a dog or should he be “like a child” to the owner?

Give reasons why you think it should be one way or the other?



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    I personally think a dog is like a brother or sister/ bestfriend because I love my dog and he is the biggest suck ever and he is fat 😀 and uber soft i give him tons of love and he does to me also so no matter what even if you get mad at a dog you should still love em 😀 . The more time you spend with the dog the more closer you will become with him or her its just like a friend get to know them enough and you love em 🙂 LOVE YOU STRIIPER (my big boy/dog)

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    Some believe that the domestication of animals began so that humans could utilize animals for task assistance ie: hunting, plowing, etc. It has now become more of a companionship trend. Animals are not children, but if you choose to take them into your home, they should be provided for (food, water, shalter, love) as part of the family.

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    I agree with both statements above. Dogs are unique and have their own personalities. If you love and provide for your dog, your dog will return the affection. I don’t think it is wrong if you treat your dog like a child as long as you do not neglect other human relationships interactions. Also, on a personal side note, dogs should not be kept in strollers or hand bags…

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    I agree, and will take those ideas and apply them to any pets out there. Once a person takes an animal in as a pet, they become responsible for their well being. They are agreeing to take care of that animal, and treat it better than other animals that they would find out on the street. 

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    Dogs on farms have jobs, but otherwise dags are members of the family. Your dog it your son or daughter. He/she can be the best friend you have ever had. He/she will love you in return, protect you, and make you the head of his/her “pack”

    Just make sure that they get lots of exercise, pick up their crap since it contains e-coli, and make sure that you do not get anything other than a shelter dog. A pet store carries puppy-mill dogs, and registered breeders may have a certain breed, but they are very often interbred to the point that they have hip displaysia, epilepsy, bone deformaties, and other problems. Get a nice shelter dog.

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    I guess it all depends on the purpose of purchase. If the dog is for the farm, then it has a job and is often treated psychologically as a dog–which is fine. If the dog is for your kid, althought, it will foerever hold the status as a pet, it can still be loved just as much as your child. But we all know who comes first–the kid.

    Now if it is for yourself and you value it as your child, that is fine as well. But I will argue that the deep in your heart you will still see it as just a dog. you may love the dog almost like your child, but when it does something wrong, it is natural to lower the value of the childlike dog back to the status of a mere pet.

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    I am a big believer in animal welfare and the protection of all animals from abuse, but I do believe that svl6 has a valid point.  If we project human morals on animals we should expect the same in return, and that is just not the case.  Anyone wathing a cat play with a mouse knows that action should not be a human moral action (depending on what you set your moral values by!).  I believe that when we take an animal and make it a pet we have a responsibility to maintain it’s well being – and maintain the staus to which we have treated it.  Treating an animal like a sibling or child is fine, but as humans we should be above survival of the fittest and not discard that implied behavior if something better or different comes along.  Of course since we rarely treat other humans that way, it is merely my expectaion , not a reallity.

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    Dogs need similar types of “parenting” as a child does, but that can be misinterpreted to mean that they need constant affection. Dogs, just like children, need physical and mental exercise, discipline, and THEN affection. “Like a child,” should still mean that the owner makes it clear to the dog who the pack leader is. By setting boundaries and discipline, instead of constant coddling, a dog will feel happier since he or she will know what’s expected of him/her. Dogs are also bred for certain jobs for hundreds of years, and that needs to be taken into consideration as well. I have a border collie, and I make sure and duplicate, as best I can, the job of herding sheep for him. When I throw a ball or stick, I give him commands instead of simply letting him fetch it right away. I tell him “hold, sit, down, heal, and ok.” Most people don’t fully understand what their dog’s lineage was bred for, but it’s extremely important if they want to make their dog happier.

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    A dog is loyal to its owner, and dependent on the breed, is also loyal to the people in its household or its “family”. Any pet should be treated like a member of the family to a certain extent. It should be fed, propertly cared for, given time, attention, and love. It should be properly trained, just as a child should be properly trained. However, a human being is more important than an animal in the scheme of things, so not I don’t think a dog should be treated like a child. It isn’t human.

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