What is your solution to world hunger?



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    1. Better distribution of food

    Even though there are over 7 billion people and counting, there is more than enough food to feed everyone. The problem is some people have too much food and some have too little. Many Americans are overweight, yet many Africans are malnourished. better distribution of food will even this unbalance. Perhaps implementation of fairer trade practices can help relieve this problem

    2. stop wasting food

    Especially in the US, a majority of the food produced never reaches the dining table. We need to make the most out of our food. Sometimes there’s too much focus on the expiration date and that many foods that are expired aren’t really. Uneaten food in restaurants should be donated or restuarants should make less food. 

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    Education is the key to prevent stravation. When you educate people the importance of distributing food properly then people will develop an idea on how to take care of this situation properly. You can support the WFP organization to develop solutions to allow the weak and poor stop worrying about their next meal and build a sustainable future for themselves, their families and their communities. 

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    I believe that world hunger continues partially because hungry people keep having children. I believe educating people about sex and pregnancy would be helpful as well as educating them about food, farming, and cultivating.

    In more fortunate countries, children are an expense (costing a quarter of a million dollars, mind you). In poor countries and communities, children are assets; they can be put to work. What people do not realize is that by having more children, they are only making the problems like poverty and hunger worse.

    Please let us discuss this if you do not agree.

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