what is your role in helping sole these environmental problems



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    I participate in beach clean-ups, recycle, and grow my own organic garden. I enjoy doing all three of these things and find it not only fun but ethical. So not only is it good for the environment but also for my conscience. I also promote organic farming recycling to my friends and family which they have taken part in doing also.

    By recycling you can reduce the amount of trash that pollutes our streets and oceans. By growing a garden you give beautiful creatures like honey bees, hummingbirds a source of food and also by growing fruits and plants you are also feeding yourself at the same time. There is nothing like eating and enjoying fruits and vegetables you worked so hard to grow. It makes them even more delicious and yes, it very good for the soul.. Sometimes, when I am stressed I go out to the garden and pick vegetables for meals. It really does make me feel more relaxed and happy. It is great therapy enjoying my own hard work and watching other creatures benefit from my garden also.


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