What is your personal opinion of PETA as an organization?



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    Overall I think PETA is a good way to bring awareness to the public on animal rights issues, but I disagree with a lot of their campaigning tactics. For instance, their 2003 Holocaust on your Plate exhibition, which consisted of eight 60-square-foot panels each juxtaposing images of the Holocaust with images of factory farming, was in my opinion, crude and a little offensive. However, I do think they get the message of stopping animal abuse across and they are a large enough organization to make a significant impact in legislation.

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    As an organization they do a lot of good.  Though the extremist are another story.  Personally, I feel they can do more harm than good to their cause.  They can be offensive, harsh, and have a holier than you attitude that can have the adverse affect causing people turn away from their cause to spite them. 

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    I’ll admit that I differ with PETA on some things, but over the years they have been getting attention for animals, and working on the front lines of the issue. 

    I was very active with animal rights in the 80’s, then took a hiatus to have children, home school them, take in lots of animals, and work on legal and political issues dealing with family rights.  I’m just now getting back involved, and have no complaints with an organization that raises awareness so well.

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    I’m torn, because they do bring lots of attention to animal rights issues which so desperately need attention, but they also go so over-the-top that many people I know will automatically ignore or disregard something if they know PETA is involved, which is the opposite of what they’re going for.  Several of their advertising campaigns have seemed quite disrespectful of humans, which also hurts their stance on animal rights–if you’re not respecting humans, why should we respect animals?  I understand where they’re coming from on some of these, but they’ve got to be willing to meet their intended audience halfway and understand how THEY perceive their advertising if they want to bring them all the way to be fully on-board with animal rights.

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      Great point boaks. I totally agree. I think that animal rights is an important issue that is overlooked by most people. However, the problem with a group like PETA is that the way they communicate their message alienates the very people they need to convince, while the people that are receptive to their extreme message are those that already agree. The end result is PETA’s message is only embraced by those who already agree with it, and those that need to be convinced are not reached, or even worse, pushed away!

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    Like the others in this thread, I am on the fence with PETA.  Their cause is a great one, but I have problems with their methods.  I understand they want to shock people, but that doesn’t call for vandalism or extremely insensitive remarks.  I don’t think eating meat is bad, but I do think that factory farming is absolutely horrible.  I don’t think PETA has made a good distinction between the two.  PETA villainizes meat eaters, and I don’t agree with this.  

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    My opinion of PETA is very high, even if I disagree with some of their ideas and (especially) their methods of promoting those ideas.  The reason why I hold them in high esteem is that they are completely consistent in their theory and practice.  While some of it might be irritating, it’s hard to find any institution that sticks so closely to its ideals.

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