What is your personal opinion of climate change?



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    In my opinion, I think climate change was already going to happen, humans just sped the process up. Our pollution from cars and factories create more carbon in the atmosphere, making a “greenhouse effect.” This greenhouse effect traps more heat in the atmosphere, thus warming the planet. 

    This is extremely problematic in areas like the arctics, since most of the ice used as habitat for many animals is slowly melting away. I think that climate change was bound to happen anyway, just not to the extent that we are seeing today. 

    I also find it strange that we have had so many natural disasters lately. I’m not sure if this is due to climate change or just recent weather phenomena. 

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    My personal opinion is that climate change began when human beings began cutting down the world’s forests with the advent of agriculture 10,000+ years ago.  If this had been the only way we altered the climate we would probably be quite fine.  In fact, we would likely be entering the new ice age in a few hundred years.  This would have reduced the population from failures in farming, and essentially the human population would fluctuate with the environment, just like all other species.  Unfortunately, we are creating a world where many species, including humans, will not be able to survive.  I live in Colorado, and this year we had three times the monthly average of rain in a single day in July.  At the same time there were severe droughts in the southern part of the state that had an effect on livestock production. Also, there were droughts in the midwest that damaged the corn crop.  Even more indicative, was Russia’s ban on grain exports due to underproduction from drought. In all these cases there are extremes in the climate that have never existed alongside agriculture.  My greatest worry is that we will see failures in agriculture that will lead first to increased food prices, then to food riots, and then who knows what else… I remember that in 2008 there were riots all across Egypt just because the cost of bread had gone up.  Will there be more to come?

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    My opinion pretty much lines up with the answers already up here. Climate change is inevitable over the course of the lifetime of the Earth, and has happened multiple times. The question is whether or not humans have sped up the process, and how we can mitigate the negative effects on humanity.

    As far as using political means to force people into lower carbon emissions, less pollution, etc. goes, I don’t think that it’s the right way, or even the most effective. The most effective way to make change happen is to educate people, get them to spend their money differently. Let them know what’s happening and get them to value positive effects for the environment over slightly cheaper goods.

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