What is your opinion on nuclear energy?



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    I think nuclear energy is a reliable source of energy. Obviously the risks are very serious, but I think we will keep developing better ways to dispose of nuclear waste and to maintain nuclear plant safety.

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    I think we need more viable solutions for what to do with nuclear waste (that we are currently unable to dispose of) that we generate as a byproduct of nuclear energy power.  The US currently has about 72,000 tons of radioactive waste and no serious, long-term storage plan. 

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    I think we really need to start using alternative and renewable energy sources on a much larger scale. Wind power is a great way to produce clean energy, and should be implemented in more ways to help cut down on our reliance on nuclear energy. Vosges chocolates, for example, runs their production facilities on 100% wind power. Bloom boxes have begun to be placed outside of homes so those particular homes can be powered solely on clean, emission free energy. As stated by feathe918, perhaps what is most alarming about nuclear energy is the amount of deadly waste it produces… and the fact that we have no where long term to put it. 

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