What is your most memorable experience helping the environment?



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    Even though I no longer reside in the state of California, every year I try to travel home during an annual event called Coastal Cleanup Day, it’s the states largest volunteer event, with over 82,500 volunteeers and more 1.2 million pounds of trash removed in 2010.  I was able to participate in 2010 and it was a very rewarding experience.

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    My favorite memory occured when I was a senior in my high school conservation club. We had organized an, “Earth Day clean up” of the creek bed that ran alongside the school. We worked for many hours pulling all manner of garbage from the woods, shoes, tires, a clump of rusty bikes chained together… Then I found a can of pink spray paint and painted a five foot high daisy on the road overpass. We took a break and went walking throuhgh the tall grass by the creek. My friend picked some little wildflowers to put in our hair. Then we found a massive tractor tire that took six people to pull out of the woods. One of us found out that it worked as a trampoline and we ended the day by jumping on the tire in a circle.

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    While my favorite volunteer experience may not have been directly helping the environment we did provide a substantial amount of fresh produce for the local community of Redmond, OR. I helped to start up a garden just outside of the Neighbor Impact headquarters. We tilled and fertilized a 20 by 20 foot piece of otherwise inhospitable land. I helped to lay the foundation for the garden beds, and there after volunteers planted peas, squash, lettuce (yielded five batches over the course of the summer), spinach, tomatoes and more. Most of the harvest was donated to local families in need. It was rewarding to be apart of that and rewarding to turn a small piece of desert into a nutrient rich garden. 

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    I helped plant trees for a local organization while I was attending college at Davis, CA. We planted trees right next to the freeway. Even though you get dirt all over your clothes and sweaty from digging holes from very dry, impacted soil, it was still really fun because you get to do it people who are just as enthusiastic about planting trees as you. It made me feed good because trees are so important to people and wildlife, so getting to actually begin the life of a tree, which will likely outlive me and everyone that day, was really nice. I felt like I made a lasting difference that day, even if it was only planting a handful of trees. I think everyone should plant trees at least once in their lives. 

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    My favorite experience is easily building a wetland.  In middle school, my environmental club, headed by my science teacher, actually constructed a wetland from scratch on school property.

    We planted trees, dove to the bottom of a manmade pond to plant water plants, and more.  We created the entire ecosystem.  It was a wonderful experience.

    Sadly, the school got tired of funding the program and bulldozed it a few years later, but I will never forget participating in that project.

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