What is your idea of a green Christmas?



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    My idea of a green christmas would be one not based on consumption and obligatory gift buying, but rather centered around spending time with family and friends. If you do buy gifts just try and be conscious of the material used to make them and how it impacts the environment.

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    Similar to lucheuer, my idea of a green christmas is focused on family and friends, instead of presents and decorations. I’d rather take the holiday to focus on relationships than on consumption. This would be a green christmas in my opinion.

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    I’m a big fan of decorations and gifts, but love finding creative and environmentally friendly ways of doing both. In my opinion, a green Christmas combines the best traditions of Christmas with an environmentally-friendly outlook. For instance, instead of wrapping paper, one can use old newspapers, magazines, or cloth to wrap gifts. Then depending on the friend, one can often find a gorgeous piece of vintage clothing, antique collectible, or second-hand book. Also, especially with adults, giving one or two very nice presents, instead of the normal spread, means less consumption. Also, purchasing gifts from charities like WWF or the Rain forest Site, as well as giving things like carbon-offset certificates can help green-ify a Christmas. And as for decorations, local pines trees and holly bushes are wonderful sources of free, fresh Christmas decorations.


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    Some ways to make your Christmas gifts more green also include donating to charities in the name of your loved ones as a gift, giving a gift certificate for a service such as babysitting or cooking a meal, or planning a group activity, such as teaching everyone a new game.  Environmentally-friendly decoration ideas include non-electric decorations that can be re-used each year, decorating household plants or fireplaces rather than buying a real or plastic tree, and stringing popcorn or non-poisonous berries for decorative strands.  Many of these ways encourage more creativity than purchasing gifts, and this creative endeavor can be a wonderful bonding experience for a family group, which is the basis of the celebratory season.

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    I still like the idea of having a Christmas tree and singing carols -you know, the traditional stuff.  But I definitely have to agree on spending time with family and avoiding consumption. There’s just so much waste, especially considering how many of those products are plastic and will stay on the Earth for hundreds, even thousands of years after I and everyone I know has passed on.  I’d like an artificial tree that can be reused, with no lights, so I wouldn’t be wasting electricity.  

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    In addition to the environmental impact of purchasing gifts and wrapping them all in single use paper, one of the major things that happens around the holidays is travel!  Everyone wants to see their family and it is probably unrealistic to suggest that everyone have Christmas dinners “together” over Skype.  This site has some ideas about how to keep travel green around the holidays, including avoiding flights – planes have really high emissions.  Take the bus if you can, or a train for short distances.  If you must fly, try to fly direct since more fuel is used taking off and landing plans than just flying them.

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