What is your favorite Yes Men prank that they have ever pulled?



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    Oh boy, the Yes Men! I’m good friends with their booking agency, and I love hearing about all the stunts they’re pulling. Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno are some great guys. My particularly favorite prank of theirs might be the fake New York Post that came out earlier this year. I was supposed to help distribute copies in NYC, but I had a morning class. You can see the online version here. It’s a copy of the New York Post that’s identical to a real one, except it’s all about climate change and environmental issues. I thought it was great. I have a copy somewhere. I think that and their fake New York Times were really crafty tricks, in that they got the ideas and messages into the hands of average people who probably wouldn’t think twice about the issues they’re trying to spread awareness of. I love those guys.

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