What is your favorite wild animal picture?


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    Here is one of my favorite pictures from national geographic. It is a black-crested macaque lounging around on the beach. I love the expresion on his face.  It reminds me how closely related we are to all of the animals in the wild. 


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    Here is my favorite wild animal picture.  I love killer whales and I think the silhouette of white behind the orca is absolutely amazing.

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    This is one of my favorite pictures! I think it’s absolutely breath-taking.


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    Hyenas are–oddly enough–my favorite animal. People always think of them as the jerks from the Lion King movies, but these two pictures (please don’t ask me to choose between them =D) highlights how they’re really close-knit pack animals.

    Hyena puppiesHyena puppies





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    He looks puzzled about something. His expression is almost human like, it’s adorable. He must have a lot on his mind!



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    I'm sorry, did you want some? Troublesome the elephant is caught on camera sneaking a drink from a whirlpool bath at a South African resortThis elephant was caught on camera drinking water out of a hot tub. Heheh.

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    [img_assist|nid=186151|title=Japanese Monkeys|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=413]

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    I have always been partial to giraffes (I’m 6’5” with a long neck!) and this very up-close shot has been my desktop background for months.


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    I love this picture from National Geographic.  It really puts into perspective how enormous some animals are compared to humans.  I have never before seen a photo of such an enormous whale in the water, with something to compare it to.  Often it is hard to gauge the size of things in underwater pictures because there usually is not humans in the photos, and there in nothing comparative.

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    The lynx is so amazingly beautiful, especially in the wild.  

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    I was surprised to see rhathymia’s post, because hyenas are some of my favorite animals too. I love this image showing how universal the love between mother and child is: 


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    I first learned about sun bears in my conservation class in college. They are beautiful, shy animals, and are relatively small compared to other bear species. They get their name from the golden colored arc that crosses their chests that looks like a rising sun. They have very long tongues that they use for getting food from tight spaces, and long claws that they use to get into trees, termite nests, and bee nests. They are native to China, India, and Indonesia.

    (Sadly, this bear is not actually in the wild–it’s living in captivity to help protect it from poaching)

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    I’m definitely not a fan of great white sharks, but I remember watching a  Discovery Channel Shark Week show about this shot (taken off Seal Island, near Cape Town in South Africa), and being stunned by what I saw. I was rooting for the seal, but nonetheless was completely impressed by the shark’s agility.

    Keep in mind an average great white shark weighs in around two and a half tons (5,000 pounds). This great white was able to achieve what looks like a five-foot vertical due both to its very powerful tail and torpedo-shaped body.

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    My dog Chenghis is a wild animal.

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    This picture cracks me up; I love gibbons and this one looks so serious:

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    I found myself once wishing there was a “Google Animals,” but then I realized that it exists and was just called “Google.”

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    I love this picture of two snow leopards. Leopards are my favorite animals; I think they’re beautiful!

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    I love this picture of a baboon from the Bronx Zoo. I found this picture through National Geographic. I love how simple this picture is, and it is almost like a portrait of the animal, highlighting very well the colors of his fur and his face. It almost seems like the baboon is posing for the camera, and I can’t help but notice how similar his posture is to a human. My favorite part of this picture? How he is holding his hands together. 

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    I love this photo of African Elephants in the mist in Tanzania. They looks so majestic and peaceful. 

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    This picture looks so surreal and peaceful, it almost looks photoshopped.

     PHOTOS: Best Wild Animal Pictures of 2009 Announced

    This picture is also incredible, the frog has such determination!

    PHOTOS: Best Wild Animal Photos of 2008 Announced

    Both are from National Geographic.

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    This is a 150-pound wild cougar loose in Chicago in 2008 with no markings to indicate it was owned by a person or zoo. It shows a nice contrast between civilization and nature.

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    Ack! I love this.

     WEEK IN PHOTOS: Weather Control, Lion Cubs, and More

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    Although my favorite animals are monkeys, nothing says wild animal more than a lion. These pictures are by a fotographer called Nick Brandt, and you can purchase his photos online. There are just so beautiful, and they capture a certain atmosphere, whether its peacefulness or love, that you can feel from the picture. He has beautiful photographs of alot of other wild animals too.

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    I just like the contrast in this one 🙂

    Came across it while on imgur.com

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    The Tardigrade, otherwise known as the Water Bear is resilient and miniscule creatures that I find intriguing. They can be found on moss beds, wet lechins, oceans, even two steps outside of your house! They have a smooth surface much like gummy bears and a slow steady movement like bears. They have 8 legs and are incredibly tiny. They can withstand extreme circumstances that would kill off any other animal such as radiation, absolute zero degrees, scalding hot water, and even surviving out in outer space without any protection. They are an incredible species and among the most unknown.

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    Baltic Sea Eagles: Photo credit, Mattias KlumBaltic Sea Eagles: Photo credit, Mattias Klum

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    Glowing Cephalopod

    Cephalopods are so beautiful, floating freeling in their own “wild” world.

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    It can’t get cuter than this: Fav. Wild Animal PictureFav. Wild Animal Picture

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    this is a fun thread. I love this picture. Two White Tailed Eagles in Poland. National Geographic 2008.

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    I love spiders and is fascinated with tarantulas! One of my favorite one is the blue tarantula (blue cobalt tarantula).

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    Mine is probably the two tigers on this website below.

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    I love this picture of a lion turning the tables on would be observers!


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    My favorite wild animal.

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