What is your favorite type of vulture?



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    The Andean Condor.  It has the largest wingspan of any land bird at 10.5 feet.  It prefers to feed on the carcasses of large game and it can live to be 100 years old.  


    Andean Condor: Photo Credit, Life123.com

    Andean Condor: Photo Credit, Life123.com

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    The California Condor, which is the largest bird in North America.  It’s wingspan can grow up to 10 feet long and has actually been around since the Ice Age.  The California Condor was once extinct in the wild, but has been re-introduced and is now found mostly in southern California and northern Arizona.  



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    My favortite vulture is the Turkey vulture. They can be found widespread in North America. These vultures also have the nickname “buzzard”. As the name insinuates, the Turkey vulture from a distance resemble a turkey. These birds are interesting because when threatened as a defense mechanism, they vomit out powerful stomach acids.

    These vultures are mostly black with brownish tones. Their heads are unfeathered. The adults have red skin on their head while juveniles have a grayish head. The population of these vultures remain stable and hopefully it remains so.

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