What is your favorite type of tree?


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    My favorite tree is a sycamore, because they are so tall and have such beautiful white and grey bark, with giant leaves.

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    Redwood forests have always been my favorite. These trees are very old, and they get to be extremely tall. The redwood forests also provide a unique ecosystem.


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    One of the most interesting types of trees is the baobab otherwise known as the monkey bread tree. These trees can grow up to 30 meters tall and 11 meters wide. Their defining characteristic is their swollen trunks that are used for water storage. The baobab tree can store as much as 31,700 gallons of water to endure harsh drought conditions. These trees are native to Madagascar, Africa and Australia.

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    I absolutely love weeping willows. I beleive that they have a lot of character and definite visual beauty. I grew up with one in our front yard and we had many summer lunches and dinners under that tree. Over the past hundred years, willows have been used for medicinal, energy, and relegious purposes.

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    Willow TreeWillows are my favorite also! Along with magnolia trees.  I agree that willows hold so much character- they seem so fairy-tale like….as if they are old and have a lot of wisdom (which could be said about all trees, i suppose. but Willow trees LOOK like it!)  And Magnolia trees are simply stunning.

    Magnolia Tree


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    My favorite tree is the evergreen.  I live in Washington state with them everywhere, and I have always had a fondness for them.  Though they are pretty common, I like that they are green all year and they keep the landscape lush in all seasons.  

    Here is a view of some evergreens in a state park (Olallie State Park) that is a few minutes from my house that I visit frequently: 

    Here is another picture of some evergreens next to the falls: 

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    My favorite type of tree is a Palm Tree. There are plenty of them in Florida. Areas where Palm Trees are found are typically warmer throughout the year. They are beautiful and I wish where I am from we had those types of tree. They look amazing in photos!

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    My favorite tree is the Umbrella Thorn Acacia. It makes me think of Africa and exotic adventures. They also look like they provide great shade.

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    The cherry  blossom tree has to be one of my most favorite and interesting trees.  The tree is natively indigenous to Japan, China, and Korea.  In Japan, the tree has been respected and worked into sociological culture as far back as the 700’s.  The tree has been a symbol in Japanese existance for many centuries.  They believe that it symbolizes the short-lived nature of life.  The country has it on some of their coins; they used to paint them on the side of their plains during World War II; and the government even tried to spark the idea that every pedal falling off of a Cherry Blossom tree was the granting of reincarnation to drowned warriors.

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    Giant Sequoia and Coast redwood due to size and form and longevity. Both perform very well in large urban landscaping too. The image below is a coast redwood: Sequoia sempervirens.


    Coast Redwood

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    The Ginkgo tree.  The tree is one of the oldest types in the world, and has beautiful leaves.  Especially so in the fall, when the leaves turn a colorful, vivid yellow.

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    While coastal redwoods are also my favourite kind of tree, one tree species which I think is amazing is the bristlecone pine. They’re found primarily in the South-west , and are known for their incredible longevity. A bristlecone pine named Methuselah is estimated to be 4,800 years old, making it the oldest living (non-clonal) organism on Earth. What makes their longevity even more interesting is their growing conditions – often on at high elevations, with strong winds and freezing temperatures.

    Methuselah, a Great Basin bristlecone pine:

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    My favorite type of tree is the jacaranda. I love it because of its amazingly profuse and colorful flowers.

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    Growing up, we had a huge sycamore tree in our backyard that my dad hung a swing from. I have really fond memories of swinging from the tree and playing in the gigantic leaf piles it would produce. The leaves were huge and always fell into these deliciously crunch piles that were so much fun to play in.

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