What is your favorite type of flower?



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    My favorite flower is the Lily of the Valley. Here’s a website with an extensive list of flowers and pictures so you can choose your favorite flower!


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    I’m a sunflower guy. Tall, simple and pretty. I think they bring a touch of class to any outdoor setting.

  3. mle
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    Elephant Flower!  

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    Right now it’s Daffodils, because it means spring is on its way. They bloom everywhere in my city this time of year, including abandoned lots.

    That said, considering it’s currently mid-February (although to be fair it’s been an unusually warm February), it’s a little worrying that they’re already blooming. Normally it wouldn’t be warm enough for at least another month, though for the last few years they’ve been blooming earlier and earlier. This is actually consistent with a widespread trend of earlier springs (see link for more information).

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    I really like lilacs. We have several large lilac bushes in our yard, and I have always loved their beautiful scent and gorgeous purple color.

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    I absolutely love roses, especially red ones.

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    I like the way lavender smells, and it grows all around where I live.

    Does that make me girly? Well then whatever, I guess I’m a bit girly.

    UH OH. My roommates walking in the room!…Uh, Hooded executioner of course! What I meant to say was hooded executioner. Yeah. Either that or whatever flower looks most like a velociraptor.

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