What is your favorite type of eagle?



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    I will go with the traditional American Bald Eagle. This is also my Grandmother’s favorite, so when I see one, I always think of her. The Bald Eagle symbolizes the dream of America’s foundation which includes freedom, a long life, great strength, and opportunity. The Bald Eagle became the national emblem in 1782 when the great seal of the U.S. was adopted.

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    My favorite type of eagle is the white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) of Iceland. Also known as the sea eagle, this bird commonly nests on cliffs near water. It can have a wing span of over 8 feet in length. I saw one from afar when I was visiting Iceland. They are a rare species but have been slowly increasing in numbers. They were protected by law in 1913 after the species was almost wiped out. White-tailed eagles have been known to fly off with sheep occasionally,  making them unpopular with farmers.

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    i like the red egales cuz of their color =)

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    My favorite type of eagle is the Bald Eagle not because I am an American and they are the emblem of the United States. I like the Bald Eagle because of how beautiful they are. They are look and are fierce. I like how their head is covered with white feathers while their body is dark. The contrast is beautiful. I also appreciate how they have struggled for survival. Once endangered, these creatures are now threatened.

    Bald eagles are believed to mate for life and I like that fact. I also like the huge nests they make and I think it is cool how big these birds  get. Their nests are so cool. The record breaking nest that was made by a eagle nine and half feet wide and weighed more than two tons. I think they are amazing creatures with mind-blowing abilities.

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