What is your favorite tree?



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    Trees are amazing in their diversity and importance, it is very tough to narrow it down to one favorite.  However Jackaranda trees are one of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen, the purple flowers are so vibrant.  Frangipani trees are also very beautiful, and the smell that they produce is so fresh and unparalleled. 



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    I’ve always loved willow trees; it’s just so peaceful near them, and I think they’re gorgeous (in a humble way) to look at. Their trunks are awesomely shaped too.


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    Although Willow trees are very peaceful, I would have to say that my favorite tree is the Pawpaw Tree, or Asimina Triloba. This tree, commonly referred to the “poor man’s banana,” produces the most interesting fruit I’ve ever tasted. The pawpaw fruit is the largest edible fruit native to North America and it tastes similar to both mango and banana.


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    I love Japanese maples for their beautiful forms and gorgeous fall colors.

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    I really like cherry trees. There are a lot of cherry trees around my neighborhood right now; they usually begin to bloom around April here in California. The cherry tree’s beautiful pink color comes from the cherry blossoms on its branches, and the cherry blossom is a very important flower throughout the world. It is the unofficial national flower of Japan, and every year there are cherry blossom festivals both in Japan and in the U.S., in Washington D.C.

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    Although it is actually a vine, the wisteria’s form more resembles a tree. It grows along the garage of my house, and in the spring there are hundreds of drooping bunches of purple flowers. They have an almost overwhelmingly sweet smell, attracting swarms of bees. I enjoy sitting on the roof on a lovely night, enjoying the fragrant air.

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    I love Buckeye trees! I am a native of Cleveland, OH, but I have lived in Phoenix, AZ for ten years and I miss alot of the lush plant life. Buckeye trees are so cool, they are huge, green, and grow buckeyes in green spikey round pods. I have fond memories of playing in my grandparents’ backyard and collecting some of the best buckeyes that fell in during the fall season. There is also a cool desert that emulates the buckeye that’s made up of chocolate and peanut butter, man I miss Ohio somtimes! 

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    Sakura trees are also one of my favorites, but I would have to say palm trees 🙂 It’s not one my favorites because of its aesthetic appeal (sakura trees would be that) or fragrance, but they always remind me of home and trips to the beach. Whenever I drive back to my hometown I know I’m close whenever the empty road starts lining up with palm trees.

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