What is your favorite time of the year for nature?



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    Summer is my favorite time to enjoy nature because it is so warm and there is so much to see and do outside. I love swimming and going to the beach and summer is the perfect time to enjoy these things and to just enjoy being outside in general.

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    I would have to say summer. During the season I live in California, and I spend most of my time at the beach.  The summers there are absolutely amazing.

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    As a born and raised Northern Californian: LATE SUMMER. Its the warmest time of the year and people are literally bursting with joy. I love to spend every possible second of this time of year outside: at the beach, hiking, sitting out (anywhere) in the sun with friends, just walking my dog and enjoying the weather. This is also the time of year when it’s hot at night- something I just live for. 

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    My favorite time of the year has to be spring. Living in New York City, it’s basically the time when New Yorkers come out of hibernation and start spending lots of time outdoors. But in terms of nature, I think spring time in the city is beautiful. Contrary to what many believe, yes we do have lots of parks and public spaces where nature can be seen. One of my favorite spots in the spring is at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, when the cherry blossoms bloom and the whole area turns into a wonderful scene of pink flowers. It can transport anyone from a city mentality to tranquility. 

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