What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?


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    My favorite thanksgiving food is stuffing because it is inherently associated with thanksgiving and I can’t think of another holiday where you eat it.

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    I love mashed potatoes. They are such a comfort food for me, and they make great leftovers for days and days.

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    I agree with seemama50 – definitely stuffing. It’s so good.

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    Stuffing. It’s like the secret surprise inside the turkey, and the way you cook it is pretty much like getting another use out of the turkey.

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    Hmm, I’ve never been a stuffing fan, my favorite that we do is green beans with chopped almonds and bacon. Or apple pie, you can’t go wrong with apple pie.

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    I’m going to agree with almost everyone else and say stuffing.  It is the only time of year that I really eat it, even though it is so good.  In my family we cook it with oysters which makes it even better.

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    Call me plain. I like the rolls with cranberry sauce. Delicious.

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    Cranberry sauce! I LOVE day after thanksgiving sandwiches smothered in cranberry sauce. I wish it was used in more dishes year-round. 

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    My favorite Thanksgiving food has to be pumpkin pie! I always look forward to eating it every Thanksgiving, and I’ll save room during dinner just to have a piece of pumpkin pie. 

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    My favorite Thanksgiving food is definitely Mashed Potatoes! They are the ultimate comfort food, espeically the way my mom makes them! She puts sour cream and garlic salt in them and then bakes them in the oven. She then puts cheese on top! They certainly aren’t low calorie, but they’re the best and I only get them at Thanksgiving!

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