What is your favorite television show about the environment?



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    Personally, I prefer environmental documentaries, but I think Whale Wars is a great TV show. It’s an Animal Planet program that follows a crew from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as they try to stop Japanese whalers in Antarctica. It woke me up to the problem of whaling, and it’s actually quite entertaining.

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    The BBC’s Planet Earth is epic in every way.  From the filming locations to the diaries of the crew working behind the camera, it evokes awe…for hours at a time.  The same network has also released another newer series (Life) which documents precisely that–a vast array of plant species and animal groups.  If you’re looking for something a little different from these, I also enoyed Josh Dorfman’s The Lazy Environmentalist.  It makes ‘going green’ more accesible for those who, well, feel like it may not be for them.

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    The Green on The Sundance Channel is a weekly primetime television series that showcases a number of environmental issues, including alternative energy, biodiversity issues, ecological degradation, and green living.

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    There are several great television shows about the environment on the channel Halogen.  With shows like “My Green House,””The un-road Trip,” and several original documentaries it’s a prime staple for entertainment and education on all things green.  My favorite however, is a show called “Earthtripping” which follows it’s host, Ethan, to green living spots around the globe.  Check out http://halogentv.com/ for local times and listings.

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    I am a big fan of the new series Human Planet on the Discovery Channel. It is an 8-part series that demonstrates people’s incredible ability to survive and adapt to some of the world’s most extreme environments. It’s always interesting to see the relationship between man and nature, and how it changes around the world. 

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    I like to watch WA$TED on Planet Green. I like watching the people be wasteful at the start of the show.

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    The show The Lazy Environmentalist on The Sundance Channel is my personal favorite. It’s hosted by a man named Josh Dorfman who goes around teaching people how to make their lives more green. I really like the show because the switches he suggests are attainable. For instance, he showed a teacher how to use less paper in her classroom. This show really helps audiences to realize that if everyone does a little to help the environment, it goes a long way.

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    I always enjoyed Animal Planet’s the Most Extreme. On this show, they would feature 10 species that were the most extreme at a specific task, such as jumping, running, striking, carrying weight, etc. It was always very intriguing to see the number one animal species. Many times insects were the most extreme. They also explained how these abilities would translate into humans (ex. if we could jump like a flea, we could leap as high as the Statue of Liberty).

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