What is your favorite species of monkey?



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    This is a picture of a Capuchin Monkey.
    Capuchin Monkey - Photo by Ma José Paniagua
    They are my favorite species of monkey for a few reasons.
    1) They’re smart little guys! They can learn tons of things, and play lots of games. They are very easily trained.
    2) Because they’re easily trained, they show up in tons of movies and TV shows! In the show “Friends,” Ross had a Capuchin monkey named “Marcel” for a while. In “Night at the Museum,” a Capuchin monkey gave Ben Stiller’s character a lot of trouble.
    3) Look at them! They’re cute little devils!
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    I love chimpanzees. Technically they are apes, not monkeys, but they’re my favorite primate. After watching the movie, “Chimpazee,” my appreciation of them grew. Their young are just like children. They are so playful and full of energy. Plus, they’re adorable! 

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