What is your favorite season?


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    My favorite season is autumn for a number of reasons. Mostly, I like the change of the season in general no matter which change it is, but autumn is extra special. I really like the rain and dressing warmly in it. I love the colors that come alive as the leaves are changing. It also indicates the holiday season is just around the corner as well.

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    CBS news correspondent Andy Rooney commented on the seasons in an October 2007 “60 Minutes” feature.

    Rooney expounded upon the virtues of fall and winter. He also posited: “I think if we had a vote, fall would probably be most people’s favorite season.”

    (For the record, this author agrees with Rooney’s position. Fall is his favorite season.)

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    I’m going to have to go with spring. I do love autumn, but it’s too short and I know what’s just around the corner (I don’t enjoy cold winter) so that makes me anxious.
    Spring is such a relief when the sunny, 50 degree days finally arrive and the earth starts waking up. You can go outside without bundling up, and breath warm, moist air.
    I guess it depends on where you live and whether or not you really enjoy snow.

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    I love the sun and doing outdoor activities, especially at the beach. That’s why I look forward to summer all year long. It just always reminds me of days off from school and enjoying beautiful weather and taking vacations. Plus, I love to go swimming and summer is the only time it’s warm enough. I also love summer grilling and sipping cold drinks as well as long days and warm nights.

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    I really love summer because I spend it in California and get to enjoy the beaches and warm weather.  I go to school in Chicago though, and when I am there, autumn is by far my favorite season.  The city looks gorgeous during that time of year and I love just taking walks and enjoying the weather before it gets too cold to do so.

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    Summer! I love warm weather and being outside in the sun. This is the time I enjoy being in nature most, when its warm enough to sleep outside. I go hiking, camping, and swimming often. I also think most people are happier when its sunny, and kind of thrive off this feeling of everyone’s good spirits. 

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    One of few things really enjoyable about living in New Jersey is the change of season. A taste of each makes choosing a favorite a bit more difficult than say, if I lived in Southern California where it was summer year round.

    But, if I had to pick it would be fall. A time when the heat and crowds of summer are a thing of the past, the air is crisp–not frigid, the beaches are empty, the leaves are changing color, and the ocean is still warm enough to swim. 

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    I like summer and the shoulder seasons between summer/fall and summer/spring, because I can hike and be outdoors. Sunshine improves people’s attitudes, and I like seeing more people outdoors and more flowers. I also like the warm summer thunderstorms that go with summer. 

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    My favorite season is tied between spring and summer. I love when the flowers begin to bloom in spring, and when the weather starts becoming warmer. Although allergies are pretty rough in spring, I like the natural beauty that appears. I also like summer because it’s beach season and I love going to the beach. 

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    Winter is my favorite time of year. I grew up in California, so I never really was exposed to any other type of weather besides hot, hot, hot. I moved out of state and for the first time enjoyed all four seasons. I love the snow falling and the pristine blankets of snow. The frozen lakes and ponds offer hours of skating enjoyment. And after a long day sledding it is great to curl up by the fire with you significant other.

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    I love winter because it represents the durability of nature.  The ponds freeze over; the sap freezes in the trees; the leaves die … but then it all comes back again in the spring.  It’s beautiful.

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