What is your favorite season and why?



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    I love summer because the beach is my favorite place. There is nothing like the sound of the ocean and summer sunsets and swimming are fun to look forward to all year. Summer is great for so many outdoor activities, from camping and hiking to tubing and barbeques.

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    I love the fall as well. We get to see so much diversity that mother Earth has to offer depending on where you are in the country. I agree with sfcharles as well that there are a mix of warm and cold days–again, the diversity. I love the days where the sun is out but their is cool and there is color all around.

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    Living in the Chicago area I would say Autumn is my favorite season. The temperature is comfortable, the changing leaves are beautiful and spending as much time outdoors becomes a high priority of mine.

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    Ah, winter for sure! I love this time of year because it brings people together. The snow is so peaceful and calm, the cold weather makes us bundle up and cuddle, and the smell of pine is in the air.

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    My favorite season is definitely the fall. I enjoy the cool temperatures at night and the warming sun during the afternoon. I like all of the trees changing colors and the readying of vegetables like pumpkins. Animals like squirrels are busy gathering food and running everywhere. It is a time of great activity and amazing colors.

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    Fall is by far my favorite season, although this may be because it is the current season.  I often find that whatever season it is, I say is my favorite. For now though, I am enjoying the cool autumn weather, and am taking advantage of it by taking lots of walks through the city before it gets too cold!

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    Spring is my favorite season of the year because this is when the plants “wake” up from dormancy and start blooming again. During this season, many plants bloom and produce flowers of all sorts of colors, textures, and foliage that make the landscape incredibly beautiful. Spring rain during a warm day is refreshing and makes the environment cool and breezy. The weather is not too cold or hot either.

    Also, in terms of gardening, there are countless varieties of annuals that can be planted for summer and fall seasons and numerous colors and textures to choose from. What I love most is the amount of creativity that can be done in planting and gardening, especially before summer.

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    My favorite season has to be a tie between spring and summer. I love spring because of the blooming flowers and the comfortable weather. I also love summer because of the hot days at the beach and the long daylight hours. 

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