What is your favorite sea animal?



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    The Seahorse is my favorite. They coming so many different varieties and colors! 

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      Seahorses are also one of my favorite. They actually change color according to the surrounding colors for camoflage.

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      I too love seahorses and I got to indulge my passion 18months ago at the sea-aquarium in San Sebastian, in the Basqueland of Spain.
      Mind – I do love all turtles and terrapins too.

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    Dolphins.  I am seriously fascinated by intelligent animals like dolphins and apes – their brains are the most advanced (generally speaking) in the animal world and they probably provide the most insight into our own brains.  Plus, they have that little smirk all the time and they’re just so … sleek-looking!

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    My favorite is the angler fish. I’m amazed that they live so deep in the inhospitable depths of the ocean, that most of them are luminescent, and that they have to literally bump into each other in the dark in order to mate. 


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    Ever since going scuba diving in Hawaii over the summer, the octopus has been my favorite sea animal.  I was able to hold one while under water and it was a very unique experience.

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    Sorry sea turtles/hanu… I’m going with the killer whales.

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