What is your favorite question you have seen on greenanswers?



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    I just saw one that only said, “Can you tell me what I can to do help?”  Someone obviously is passionate about the environment, but the question also shines a spotlight on information about being ecologically friendly.  Is this person completely uninformed, or are they inundated with so much information that they cannot process it?  Everyone talks about being “green”, but the message might be obscured at this point because of the amount of information available.

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    Probably the one about people’s favorite tree house. There are tons of pics, and as someone who wants to live in a tree one day, it was really fascinating to me =)

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    I loved the question: “What is your favorite animal picture?”  It was so interesting to see people from all over posting such different things.  I love seeing the differences people have, even if they are environmental junkies. 

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    I always like opinion questions that are though provoking…like “What are your thoughts on PETA?” “Do you think hunting is beneficial?” “What inspired you to want to be an environmentalist?” These questions really provide a sense of community within greenanswers.  All of the responses are very interesting, and it is refreshing to see so many well-informed, differing opinions.  The more people are able to openly discuss difficult questions facing our environment, the stronger and more informed our society will become.  

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    The ones where people ask no question at all, just simply make a statement. Those are the great and allow me to get really angry. 😉

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    I thought this question was particularly entertaining. It asked what the likelihood of an alien race coming to save Earth from it’s environmental problems might be. For pure entertainment value, I thought it was awesome. Aliens!

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    I also like the questions that lead to discussions.  I wish more people would answer this question about what they would do if they could use magic to help the environment.  It can lead to good discussions and I want to see what people with more imagination than me can come up with…

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