What is your favorite place to visit in nature?



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    A disc golf course! Nature provides us with the most wonderful playground. It’s a shame many youth in America are deprived from visiting peaceful, safe, serene locales — I’m actually planning on changing that (the idea is for a program for youth to work one day [on an environmental project], and then, as a reward, go on a field trip to a local state park or other natural open space for a couple house [the reward field trips could be supervised by parental chaperones]. I’ll bring the discs and the basket!

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    I live in Portland, OR and my favorite place around here is Forest Park! It’s 30 miles of nature! Lots of hiking and wildlife!

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    I’m a big fan of Shenandoah State Park and the entire valley. Sweeping views and and awesome forests with trails and scenic drives.

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