What is your favorite piece of eco clothing that you have found so far?



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    I’m constantly hunting the ritzy thrift stores around Beverly Hills and West Hollywood for any good eco-finds (so many top designers are going green these days, but they sure do charge for the label!), and the gorgeous dress pictured below is my absolute proudest find. It’s made from 100% organic cotton (grown in Mauritus, dyed in the USA, and made in India), and I snagged it for 30 bucks (discounted from $138!). 

    Aside from this once-in-a-lifetime dress, my fave eco-find is probably the bamboo house robe on this website (bambooclothes.com) — bamboo fabric is so sustainable, and so soft and comfy you’d have no idea it ever came from such a sharp, spiky plant!

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    I love t-shirts and jeans. So i like the website: http://www.econsciousmarket.com/thegreenloop/women-s/clothing.html My favorite shirts are the 100% organic cotton shirts that are 100% sweatshop free. They are super cute and easy to style up or wear causal. [img_assist|nid=182577|title=organic cotton|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=420|height=640]

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    The Rocky Eco-Fleece Hoodie by Alternative is by far my favorite eco-friendly piece of clothing I have ever purchased.  I bought the sweater in eco-grey, and can wear it with almost anything.  The material is really lightweight, but always keeps me warm.  The uni-sex hoodie is partially made from recycled materials, and is colored with a low-impact dye.

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