What is your favorite picture of a reflection?


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    I’m a big fan of the beautiful reflections Chicago’s skyline makes in the water of Lake Michigan after dark: http://www.sportsposterwarehouse.com/catImages/chicagoskyline08ra-1.jpg

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    I really like some of the photographs of reflections by Eric Valentine, Praise Photography. I find that the Thousand Island Lake Tree reflection photo is really nice. These reflection photos are listed on the Praise Photography website as being on the John Muir Trail. Check them out!

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    I really like this one by William Neil. It was taken in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

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    I love photos of the Mirror Lakes on the road to Milford Sound on the south island of New Zealand. Using their perpetually dry humor, the New Zealand parks department has put in place signs with upside-down typing that can be read in the reflection of the generally mirror-smooth ponds. When I stopped to see them it was pouring rain, so the effect was a little bit lost.

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    I love reflection images where you’re not entirely certain what’s real and what’s reflected. This one is of the Reed Flute Caves in Guilin, China.

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    I like this picture, so simple and delicate.

    bleeding heart

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    Alright I am going to have to go with the scene in “Cover Girl” (1944) where Gene Kelly dances with his own mirror image. If you have not seen it, and are a fan of him I highly recommend it. But for all intents and purposes, I agree with hovers and his choice of reflections in caves. Staring at it too long, may start to be disorienting. 

    Photo Credit: http://fiveprime.org/hivemind/Tags/reflection,stalagmite

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    I have always enjoyed reflections during the sunset. Here are some from Joshua Tree National Park taken by Ian Parker.


    photo source: http://parkerlab.bio.uci.edu/nonscientific_adventures/joshuatree.htm

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    I love the simplicity of this photo. I like how this photo is able to capture a reflection of the church, while also making the 3 boats a focus of the picture. Its nice that we don’t see the actual church, but only the reflection of it.

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    Great photo by Trey Ratcliff

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