What is your favorite picture of the rainforest?



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    I think my favorite picture of the rainforest would have to be this one on National Geographic:


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    While this may seem a bit depressing, this is one of my favorite pictures of the rainforest.  It brings to life the problems that one of our most important ecosystems is facing.  Did you know every vegetarian saves one acre of rainforest a year?  It is sad that we are burning down an irreplaceable resource so that we can graze cattle.

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    I really like this picture from ReplantingtheRainforest.com. 

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    This is a photo of a rainforest in northern Iran. I like this photo because it’s unexpected: like many people, I thought Iran was all desert and didn’t have rainforests. This picture shows the diversity of the region.

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    I love this picture of a tree in the rainforest of Belize. The colors are so vibrant and alive!

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    I love this picture because of the subtle colors in the background:

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    Totally love this one!!!


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