What is your favorite picture of a jellyfish?


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    While there are pictures of jellyfish that I think are prettier, right now I really like this photo because of its scale:


    That is a Nomura jellyfish, a giant species of jellyfish that can grow up to 6’7″ in length and can weight up to 450 pounds.  These are the jellyfish that have been swarming around Japan, causing trouble with their fishing industry because they poison fish and destroy fishing nets.

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    I’ve never really had a particular favorite photograph of a jellyfish, but after noodling around on the web for a bit I found some pretty striking ones of the fascinating creatures. I found this one to be particularly captivating: 

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    I recently saw in the news that a rare black jellyfish was spotted off the coast of San Diego. They are rarely seen, and I think that is one of the reasons why I’m so fascinated by them. Not a lot is known about them either, and their tentacles can reach up to 30 feet long. I can’t even imagine seeing one of these things out in the open. Their coloring is unique, and the black tint to their tentacles makes them look almost pink. Here are some pictures that were reported, as well as a link to the article that I found. 

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    Jellyfish are pretty unusual looking creatures.  Something about their flowing bodies has a very calming effect, however they can be very painful to come in contact with.  Another example of nature’s balance of beauty and danger.


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    I was not aware that a person could get this close to a jellyfish without being harmed.

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    This is a jellyfish that is bioluminescent, meaning it can produce light in the darkness. Scientists are still uncertain as to the the functions of bioluminescence (attracting mates, communication, scaring predators, etc.). Most organisms that are bioluminescent are aquatic. 

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    I have both a picture and a video. The picture is of a Lions Mane Jellyfish, the largest jellyfish in the world. They live in the arctic and have been there for about 650 million years (before dinosaurs!)

    The video is from a lake in Palau, which is an island near the Phillipines!  


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